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Story Grid Certified Editor

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About Me


Writing is often as much about our own journey as it is about our characters' journeys. That's why getting stuck can feel so defeating: it's like we ourselves have stalled in our personal journey as a writer. But it really isn't true; getting stuck and overcoming it builds resilience in our writer muscles, helps us develop our personal creative process further, and becomes a tool in our arsenal for future problem-solving. It doesn't feel that way in the moment, though. That's why I'm here -- to help writers on their journey, whether it's evaluating an existing manuscript, getting unstuck in the middle, or leveling up through one-on-one coaching.

I hail from the research- and writing-heavy disciplines of history and anthropology; this background only grew my love for people and stories, and now I'm living out that love every day as an editor, helping writers grow and bringing more great stories into the world. I work across genres, but I specialize in fantasy and crime stories.


If you are ready to dig into that heroic and meaningful work of writing, or editing, your story, fill out the contact form below and let's get started.


Working with Me

"I loved working with Rachel! She read my manuscript closely and discussed it with me in great detail, providing specific suggestions that elevated my story. She is thorough, insightful, and very encouraging. It's obvious that she has a true passion for storytelling and wants to help her clients succeed. I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Joanna Marsh, author of Cantique and La Follia

"I brought Rachel on to consult on a number of client book projects. Rachel is insightful, intuitive, clear, eloquent, and gentle-but-firm in her assessment of manuscripts. Not to mention, she is a master at story structure and construction. A brilliant developmental editor, she’s an absolute joy to work with."

Elizabeth Bartasius, Story Grid Certified Editor, author of The Elegant Out

"Working with Rachel elevated my writing which enabled me to write a better story. As a new writer in the fantasy genre, I was quite aware of mistakes I was making, i.e., something felt off, you know the things your friends say when they read your manuscript and promise to be helpful, "I don't know, it just feels off to me." And since I was no better at articulating the why of why it felt off, I did what any sane writer would do ... I reached out to Rachel. World building is no easy task, and if not done properly you can easily overwhelm your reader and yourself included (trust me!). Rachel did not only point out the why, but she also gave me specific tips and suggestions on how to tackle it—piece by piece—and how to thread it through an entire story to get that mic drop effect at the end that we always dream of (apparently I was dropping an anvil). The results were immediate! Through the darkness, a better story came to light. One thing we know as writers is that rewriting can be a daunting task, but Rachel eases that process entirely. She saved me from months of wandering Middle-earth, not realizing I was heading straight to Mordor, with no ring. And for that, I am ever grateful."

C.J. Lucas

Contact Me


Fill out the form below to get in touch with me. Helpful information to include: what genre your story is, whether you're looking for help on an existing manuscript or coaching services, any tidbits about the kind of story you're trying tell or what your goals are. (Or if you don't know!) I look forward to hearing from you!

Let's talk story!

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