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For completed manuscripts, works-in-progress, and any other stage in the writing process

Manuscript Diagnostic

Best for: completed manuscripts

A full Story Grid Diagnostic of a completed manuscript with actionable steps for integrating the feedback you receive. This service includes:

  • A full read-through of your manuscript

  • A copy of the Editor's Six Core Questions, answered for your story

  • A Story Grid spreadsheet of your first five scenes

  • A followup call

  • Masterwork suggestions

  • A next-steps recommendation letter to help you move forward utilizing the feedback you have received

Investment: $1859

For up to 100,000 words. For manuscripts over 100,000 words, contact me for an individual quote.

One-on-One Coaching

Best for: works in progress, writers seeking help in the editing process

This is a flexible, ongoing service for anyone looking to start a new project, get help completing an existing project, or wanting some additional help after a Diagnostic service.

This service includes:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with me

  • Regular feedback on up to 5,000 words per meeting

  • Personalized scene assignments

  • Email access to field your questions in between sessions

Weekly (4 sessions/month):
Bi- Weekly (2 sessions/month):

Can't find what you're looking for?

Message me anyway! If you aren't sure what you need, or don't see it listed here, I can help with that too. Even if I can't help you, I might be able to connect you to someone who can!

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